Social Media Content Kickstart


Grab this 35 page fillable/printable PDF workbook to help you plan your social media postings. No more off the cuff posting, be consistent and learn how to get results from social media marketing!

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In this workbook you’ll learn:

Know Your Platforms

Where is your ideal client hanging out online? Be strategic about the platforms your business spends time on by comparing them in advance

Create a Custom Editorial Calendar

No more “What should I post today?”! Stop wasting time and missing opportunities, you’ll always know what’s coming up and what you need to prep for your posts.

Create Branding Guidelines

Look and sound the same across your social media accounts. You will craft your own Branding Guidelines to share with your team and service providers.

Prioritize Critical Events

Get big events into your calendar, look at dates, fees and locations.

Include Marketing & Visibility Content

What about the small stuff you need to be promoting regularly? How will that fit in? I’ll show you how to take inventory of your content and reuse it for multiple social media posts.

Create and Plan Visuals

Develop a plan for creating graphics to share on all your chosen platforms.

Embrace the New

Stay up to date with new features of social media and embrace them!

Have Fun

Yup, this is important. Your social media posts will have a lot more traction and engagement if they’re not 24/7 business!

Use Automation Smartly

Every budget can afford some level of automation. I’ll help you choose a social media management platform!

Repurpose Content

Get more mileage out of the content you create. You’ll learn how to repurpose content, organize past posts and photos and learn new ways to mix and match to create new posts.


Stop with the social media headaches!

Download this workbook and learn step by step how to create content that converts followers into customers!